CHINAMEX Complimented and Rewarded Outstanding Branch and Individual




CHINAMEX praised outstanding branch and individual on January 11, 2021 and official announcements were made as follows:

It is hereby to praise all team members of CHINAMEX Bahrain Management Company. They took timely and effective prevention and control measures when the COVID-19 pandemic took place in 2020. It is due to their dedication and hard work that the Dragon City Bahrain have been running smoothly and achieved outstanding records. It is hereby to announce that rewards will be offered to CHINAMEX Bahrain team in recognition of their performance.

It is hereby to praise John Zhuang, a team member of Zhonghai Huitong Trading Company, who has been sticking to his post in India and fulfilled his duties even in severe coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It is hereby to announce that reward will be offered to John in recognition of his outstanding performance.