Hotel Investmet-Bahrain
  • Project Overview

    A well-known developer in the Kingdom of Bahrain is looking for Chinese hotel management and investment companies, hoping to transfer its luxury apartments in prime location in Bahrain to Chinese companies to take over.

  • The Bahrain Company Profile

    Established over thirty years ago, it is one of the largest real estate entities providing integrated real estate solutions that include all real estate activities and services including consulting, real estate evaluation, machinery and equipment evaluation, property management and development, feasibility studies and real estate investments, brokerage and real estate marketing, real estate development, contracting, building construction, development projects and everything related to the real estate field. It has 17 branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has also opened branches in Saudi Arabia. 

  • Bahrain Tourism and Hospitality Sector Overview

    Bahrain is a Gulf country known for its friendly environment and innovation. It is one of the top ten most visited countries in the Middle East. Although Bahrain has only about 1.6 million residents, it receives as many as 12 million tourists every year. In the first half of year 2023, 5.9 million tourists visited Bahrain, bringing in revenue of approximately US$2.5 billion.

Exhibition Cooperaiton-Turkey
  • Project Overview

    A Turkish exhibition company hopes to find a Chinese partner to organize exhibitions together.

  • The Turkish Company Profile

    Founded in 1981, it has been the leader in the Turkish auction industry for 35 years. So far, it has held nearly 300 various auctions, exhibitions, symposiums, art seminars, classical concerts and other activities.

  • Turkish Exhibition Industry Overview

    There is a wide variety of exhibitions and trade fairs in Turkey, and in addition to local exhibitions, there are also a large number of international trade fairs. In 2015, the number of exhibitions in Turkey exceeded 400, including more than 100 international exhibitions. Turkey has 21 exhibition centers in 16 cities, with an indoor area of 400,000 square meters and an outdoor area of 310,000 square meters. Turkish exhibitions are highly internationalized, with about 15% exhibitors 3% foreign visitors coming from abroad.