CHINAMEX Senior Delegation Visits Saudi Arabia




During the first week of April 2023, a high level CHINAMEX delegation effected a business trip  to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They visited the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, and held talks with senior executives of Dragon World Saudi Arabia (“DWSA”). During the official meetings, it was well noted that DWSA is highly valued by the Saudi leadership, indicating that it is being launched at a time when Saudi Arabia's reform and opening up of its economy is booming. The project not only plays an important role in promoting cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia, but also ensures that enterprises settling in DWSA will achieve promising and successful results.

The high level CHINAMEX delegation's visit to Saudi Arabia received high attention and a warm welcome from all aspects of Saudi Arabia, including large companies in real estate, logistics, finance, construction, trade, and procurement, who actively invited the delegation to visit their enterprises and markets. Through official visits and communications with local businesses, Chinamex felt the high expectations for DWSA and the general belief that its market potential will be more important than that achieved by Dragon Mart Dubai.

During the visits, the senior executives of DWSA effectively coordinated important matters with companies specialized in the design and decoration, logistics, finance, taxation, and human resources. They also met with certain Chinese enterprises and businesspersons who are interested in settling in DWSA, and have reached agreements of intention with them.