Seminar on How to Help Enterprises Go Global in the Post-Pandemic Era Held-CHINAMEX Joins Hands with




On May 31, the seminar with the theme of Joining Hands with Yiwu to Help Enterprises Go Global in the Post-Pandemic Era, host by China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and CHINAMEX, organized by Zhejiang Kingston Group and co-organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Yiwu City Committee of Zhejiang Province, was held in Yiwu successfully.

Yu Jianlong, the Secretary General of CCOIC, Vice-Chairman and Secretary General of Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and Wang Wei, an official  of Yiwu local government, delivered keynote speeches. Secretary General Yu Jianlong said, ' The world is changing rapidly in the last century and we are experiencing a pandemic unseen in a century, but still we managed to contain the pandemic. China's economy has shown resilience. CCOIC and CCPIT will give full play to its strength to help enterprises in Yiwu go global and expand business in the Middle East market by exerting the influence of Dragon City Bahrain, a full-fledged overseas trading platform. Mr. Wang Wei  briefed incentive policies for enterprises to make foreign investment. 

In addition, Jiang Yun, China representative of Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) made a keynote speech called 'Invest Bahrain——the Hub of Middle East and Gulf Region'. He introduced the politics, economy, geography and business environment of Bahrain in the speech, through which Yiwu enterprises got a better understanding of the Middle East market.


Mr.  Zeid Kong Jun, the Deputy General Manager of CHINAMEX shared Dragon City Bahrain's glorious history of development and its influence in Gulf region. As the most successful and full-fledged business project along China's “Belt and Road” initiative, it has become a testimonial of successful trade cooperation between China and countries in the Middle East, and it is the second large products distribution center that CHINAMEX develops after Dragon Mart Dubai, which is mainly for Chinese enterprises and products, encapsulating wholesale, retail and entrepot trade. Dragon City Bahrain has become an overseas trading platform that links individuals and enterprises from home and abroad directly to the Middle East market. The project, with a focus on Bahrain, can influence over 30 million consumers and businessmen from the Gulf countries. Over the past five years, it has attracted 35 million consumers, 60% of which come from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Kong said that Gulf market are full of opportunities, and Bahrain is the gateway to the market. ' Through the full-fledged platform, and with the help of Yiwu government and CCPIT, Yiwu enterprises will be provided fast channel and security for going global and further exploring the Gulf region', Kong added.


In the conference, CHINAMEX signed a Dragon City Bahrain-Yiwu cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Kingston Group. Kingston Group is a logistics service provider in Yiwu and its business has grown rapidly over the past years, making it one of the most influential service providers in China, Russia and the Middle Asia. Jin Xiaomin, General Manager of Kingston Group said, 'Domestic enterprises are more than willing to sell Chinese products to the Middle East markets through Dragon City Bahrain. ' He added that it is expected to have more Yiwu enterprises go global and get connected to the business platform built in Bahrain by the cooperation between CHINAMEX and Kingston Group.


Hundreds of powerful enterprises and businessmen attended the conference, some of which showed great interests toward the Middle East, Bahrain and Dragon City Bahrain and exchanged ideas with CHINAMEX.